AST-17E Scuba Diving Sensor Replaces R17D-NUV

Advanced Sensor Technology

AST-17E scuba diving O2 sensor, replaces R-17DNUV, used in Nuvair Pro O2 (external Sensor, high output) and Teledyne Model R17S1 O2 sensor. AST-17E O2 sensor has an average 25 mV signal output in air. It is specifically designed for scuba diving applications to verify oxygen content in a cylinder containing breathing gas.

The sensor has 3.5mm mono jack electrical connection and M16x1 thread front. Expected sensor life is 42 months in air under ambient temperature and pressure. Supper activated anode and proprietary electrolyte formulation used in the sensor ensure full utilization of Pb anode, thus providing longer life without any significant signal drift. This combination minimizes periodic sensor calibration requirement. Sensor is designed, developed and manufactured in the USA.

Model AST-17E % O2 Sensor Replaces

  • Teledyne R-17S with 25mV in air

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