PPM O2 Sensors - Industrial

AST provides a comprehensive range of PPM Oxygen Sensors specifically designed for various industrial applications. These PPM O2 Sensors are renowned for their exceptional stability and rapid response, enabling swift recovery from ambient air to sub-ppm (parts per million) levels within minutes. Our extensive product line includes replacement Oxygen Sensors suitable for a variety of equipment models such as B-2C, B-2CXL, A2C, Insta-Trace, Insta-Trace-CO2, GPR-12-333, and XLT-12-333.


Our Oxygen Sensors are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of industrial processes where precise oxygen concentration monitoring is crucial. These sensors play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and quality of various applications across different industries.

AST’s Oxygen Sensors are distinguished by their outstanding stability, which guarantees reliable and consistent performance even in harsh industrial environments. Whether you need to measure oxygen levels in controlled atmospheres or monitor combustion processes, our sensors offer accuracy and longevity.

One of the key advantages of AST’s Oxygen Sensors is their rapid response time. They quickly adapt to changes in oxygen concentration, ensuring that you receive accurate readings in real-time. This swift response is particularly essential for maintaining optimal conditions and minimizing downtime in industrial operations.

AST’s line of Oxygen Sensors is an indispensable tool for industrial applications, offering excellent stability and rapid recovery capabilities. With our replacement sensors tailored for specific equipment models, we provide a seamless solution to meet your oxygen monitoring needs. Trust AST to deliver precision and reliability in oxygen concentration measurement, safeguarding the success of your industrial processes.