SRX-MA333 PPM O2 Sensor Replaces GPR-12-333

Advanced Sensor Technology

SRX-MA333 PPM O2 sensor replaces GPR-12-333 PPM O2 Sensor. Current output of SRX-MA333 PPM O2 sensor in air is well above 600 uA thus giving a good signal to noise ratio at low PPM O2 levels. Supper activated anode material in combination with proprietary electrolyte used in SRX-MA333 ppm oxygen sensor  provides with fast response and quick recovery from air to under 10 PPM in less than 30 minutes. Expected sensor life at ambient temperature and pressure is 18 months. Its proprietary electrolyte formulation enhances sensor performance at extreme ends of recommended operating temperature range. Sensor is designed, developed and manufactured in the USA.

AST Model SRX-MA333 PPM O2 Sensor

  • AII Model GPR-12-333

    Fully tested in gas for output, stability, accuracy and response time

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