SRX-MT22 PPM Oxygen Sensor Replaces Teledyne B-2C

Advanced Sensor Technology

SRX-MT22 PPM O2 Sensor replaces Teledyne B-2C trace ppm oxygen sensor part number C06689, AII model PSR-12-223, AMI model T-2 and Panametrics model OX-1 PPM O2 sensors. This PPM O2 sensor can measure oxygen down to 0.1 PPM level in inert atmosphere and gaseous hydrocarbon streams. Recovery from air to 10 PPM in under 30 minutes. Ideal for measuring low PPM oxygen in inert, gaseous hydrocarbon and hydrogen gas streams. Coiled shape anode eliminates the possibility of air bubble entrapment in typical crushed Pb granules anode thus resulting spike free oxygen signal. Sensor is designed, developed and manufactured in the USA.

AST Model SRX-MT22 Replaces

  • Teledyne Class B-2C
  • AII Model PSR-12-223
  • AMI Model T-2
  • GE Model OX-1

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