SRX-CT21 Oxygen Sensor – Replacement to Teledyne B-1 and PSR-11-21 O2 sensors

Advanced Sensor Technology

SRX-CT21 oxygen sensor is for industrial process gas analysis that demands a quick response. SRX-CT21 is a drop-in replacement to Teledyne Model B-1, B-1C, Analytical Industries PSR-11-21 and PSR-11-213 % O2 sensor. T90 response under 6 seconds, expected sensor life is 9 months under ambient temperature and pressure. Sensor is designed, developed and manufactured in the USA.

AST Model SRX-CT21 % Oxygen Sensor Replacement

  • Teledyne Class B-1, B-1C
  • Analytical Industries Inc. PSR-11-21, PSR-11-213
  • AMI P1

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