AST-1012 Portable PPM O2 Analyzer

Advanced Sensor Technology

AST-1012 is battery powered portable  PPM O2 analyzer. User selectable any range from 0-5 PPM to 0-25%. Signal output is locked on the selected range. Recovery from air to 10 PPM in under 45 minutes.

Standard AST-333 PPM oxygen sensor is compatible with inert and gaseous hydrocarbon gas streams, 18 months expected sensor life.

AST-1012 portable O2 analyzer can be used in an extended operating temperature range of -10°C (14°F) with optional Z series PPM O2 sensor. In addition to extended temperature range, Z-Series sensor show excellent compatibility with gas streams containing any level of CO2. No routine sensor maintenance needed

AST-1012 portable PPM O2 analyzer is fitted with quick connect sample inlet and outlet fittings for quick and easy operation.

Key Analyzer Features

  • User Selectable Range From 0-5 PPM to 25%
  • Output Locking on Selected Range
  • Analog output 0-1 VDC Full Scale
  • Fine Tuned Temperature Compensation for Enhanced Accuracy
  • Barometric Pressure Compensation
  • Intrinsically safe design complies with Class I Div I Group IIC when used with recommended battery

Power Requirement

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The AST-1012 Portable PPM O2 Analyzer is a cutting-edge device designed and manufactured by Applied Sensing, a leading name in the field of gas analysis and measurement technology. This innovative instrument is specifically engineered to meet the critical need for precise and reliable measurement of oxygen levels in various industrial and environmental applications.

The PPM O2 Analyzer offered by Applied Sensing stands out as a powerful tool for those who require accurate oxygen concentration data in parts per million (PPM) units. This level of precision is essential in a wide range of industries, including chemical manufacturing, medical research, environmental monitoring, and aerospace. With the AST-1012, users can be confident in their ability to monitor and control oxygen levels with confidence.

The AST-1012 is exceptionally portable, making it an ideal choice for on-site and field applications. Its compact and lightweight design allows for ease of transport and quick setup, ensuring convenience and flexibility for professionals on the go. Whether you need to monitor oxygen levels in confined spaces, ensure oxygen purity in medical gas production, or assess air quality in a remote location, this PPM O2 Analyzer is up to the task.

One of the key features that sets the AST-1012 apart is its rapid response time. This analyzer can quickly provide real-time oxygen concentration measurements, enabling operators to make immediate adjustments when necessary. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both experienced technicians and those new to oxygen analysis.

Applied Sensing's commitment to quality and precision is evident in the AST-1012 Portable PPM O2 Analyzer. With its ability to deliver accurate PPM-level oxygen measurements in a portable package, it is a valuable tool for a wide range of industries and applications. For reliable, on-the-spot analysis of oxygen levels, the AST-1012 is the instrument of choice.

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