AST 1019-P Percent Oxygen Analyzer

Advanced Sensor Technology

AST-1019-P Percent oxygen analyzer can be used to measure oxygen concentration in inert gas as well as gaseous hydrocarbon stream. User selectable any range from 0-25%, with signal output locked on the desired range, the lowest range available is 0-1% with very high display resolution – 3 digits after the decimal point.

AST-1019-P Percent Oxygen Analyzer provides two user selectable oxygen alarms with latching or non-latching feature, user selectable digital filter for optimum signal to noise ratio with acceptable system response time.

Expected sensor life of  the standard AST-222 % O2 sensor is 60 months in air under ambient temperature and pressure. Standard sensor is suitable for measuring oxygen in inert and gaseous hydrocarbons. AST-222Z , with 30 months life in air, is recommended for measuring oxygen in gas streams containing any level of CO2 gas.

  • Proprietary electrolyte formulation and the geometry of the anode extends sensor life
  • Recovery from air to 0.1% in under 30 seconds
  • Extended operating temperature range -10°C (-4°F) Z-Series sensor compatibility with gas streams containing any level of CO2 gas.
  • Fast sensor response and recovery, no routine sensor maintenance

Key Analyzer Features

  • User selectable range from 0-1% to 0-25%
  • Analog output locking on selected range
  • Isolated 4-20mA and 0-1 VDC Full Scale signal output
  • Two user selectable O2 alarm relays
  • Sensor fail alarm

Power Requirement

100-240 VAC Universal AC/DC 5V Power Adaptor. Can be Powered via USB cable fitted with recommended jack

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