AST-1019-OP Oxygen Purity Analyzer – High Efficiency

Advanced Sensor Technology

AST-1019-OP oxygen purity analyzer measures oxygen up to 100% with high efficiency. Optimum accuracy of oxygen purity measurement is achieved with field selectable suppressed ranges of 90-100%, 95-100% and 98-100%. Display resolution, 2 digits after decimal point ensures accurate measurement. Integral barometric pressure compensation enhances measurement accuracy where ambient pressure can change. This is in contrast to the conventional oxygen analyzers offered by other manufacturers where minor changes in barometric pressure can severely impact measurement accuracy.

User selectable two oxygen alarms, with latching or non-latching option. Fine tune temperature compensation. User selectable digital filter for optimal signal to noise ratio. Excellent overall system response time.

Integral oxygen sensor used in AST-1019-OP oxygen purity analyzer is model AST-222-OP offering 24 months expected life in 100% oxygen. AST-1019-OP is a highly reliable oxygen purity monitor. It requires very low maintenance thus offering an attractive alternate to much expensive Paramagnetic type oxygen purity analyzers . AST brand sensors are designed, developed and manufactured in the USA

  • Proprietary electrolyte formulation and anode geometry offers extended sensor life even at 100% oxygen levels
  • Fast response, 90% of step change in under 13 seconds
  • Barometric pressure compensated

Key Analyzer Features

  • User Selectable Range From 0 to 100% with suppressed ranges from 50-100%, 80-100%, 90-100% up to 98-100%
  • Analog output locking on selected range
  • Isolated 4-20mA and 0-1 VDC signal output
  • Fine tuned temperature compensation for enhanced accuracy
  • Two user selectable oxygen alarm relays

Power Requirement

100-240 VAC universal wall plugin AC/DC 5V power adaptor, can be powered via USB fitted with recommended jack

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