AST-1015PW 4-20 mA Wall-Mount % O2 Transmitter

Advanced Sensor Technology

AST-1015PW is loop-powered 4-20 mA %O2 transmitter. The design of AST-1015PW %O2 transmitter lends itself to be mounted on a wall or on a post. The transmitter, when used in conjunction with an intrinsic safety barrier MTL-7706+, it complies with the intrinsic safety directives for use in hazardous areas in Class I Div I Group IIB/IIC. User can select any range from 0.5% to 100% full scale in the field. The range selection does not require any change in the electronics configuration in the field. The transmitter’s LCD displays real time oxygen concentration but the user can lock 4-20mA signal output on any of the selected range. The sensor recovers from air to 0.1% in less than 30 Seconds. Expected life of the sensor is up to 60 months at ambient temperature and pressure and oxygen concentration less than 21.0%. The SRZ series sensors provide extended operating temperature range to -10°C (14°F). The Z-Series sensor show excellent compatibility with any level of CO2. No routine sensor maintenance needed, except for a periodic calibration with a know oxygen standard.

Key Analyzer Features

  • User Selectable Range From 0.5-100%
  • Output Locking on Selected Range
  • 4-20 mA or 1-5 VDC
  • Fine Tuned Temperature Compensation
  • Barometric Pressure Compensation
  • CE Certification to EN-63126-1

Power Requirement

18-24 VDC Loop Powered
To comply with Intrinsic Safety Directives, use MTL7706+ Barrier

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